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Starting in 2011, studying at Goldsmiths Hall in Central London, Devine specialised in Hand Engraving and Silversmithing, creating a stunning Masterpiece to finish the 4 year Apprenticeship.

Award winning Designer Silversmith and Jeweller, Devine specialises in decorative Silverware and Silver Jewellery. Devine uses both traditional Hand making skills as well as new technologies. Devine encourages sustainable practises, giving money from all profits to WWF to help the climate crisis, endangered species and plastic pollution through the Work for Good Foundation.

Each design is handcrafted to perfection so that when you select your dream piece, you know that it will last forever. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or a special someone, you’re sure to find what your heart desires at Devine Silverware.

Creating stunning designs, if you desire to purchase a new piece of jewellery or silverware, get in touch to customise one at your request. Scroll through this site to shop new must-haves today.
Handmade crafted jewellery and silverware, personalising with new technologies creating a perfect gift for your loved ones, or treat yourself.
Spinning stars and hearts are perfect gifts for Christmas, Christening, Baby’s 1st Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, Anniversary and many more.

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I studied Jewellery making, Hand Engraving and Silversmithing at the Goldsmiths Centre in Central London. For my apprenticeship I had to make a masterpiece which I hand engraved a set of playing cards and made a silver presentation box. I entered this into the Craft and Design competition where I won Two Bronze Awards in 3D Design Smallworkers and Smallworkers and Modelmakers.

After my apprenticeship, I continued designing and making. When my sister got engaged I made her a silver spinning star Christmas decoration, which was when my Spinning collection was born. I started a social media page which then turned into a full business.

When I first set up my company, I wanted to make sure I was doing something good for the world. Creating a business to be as sustainable as possible was very important to me. I wanted to create my business where I can give a percentage of my profits to charities, through Work for Good, that help the environment and the animals that live here, such as WWF. I have always been passionate about the environment, and I have always loved nature and animals.

Everything is made as economically friendly as possible, using recycled Sterling silver, and natural materials. Some products are even produced to replace plastic, such as my Sterling Silver Straws and my Sterling Silver Guitar picks.

In my early designs, I started a collection of endangered species pictured on pendants which can be worn either side. Each month I realised a new design for a new animal.

My first pendant of my collection featured both sides of the world on each side, so depending on where you are, where you live or where your travelling to it can be worn showing that destination. I called this Endangered World.

I then went on to show the endangered species such as a turtle, tiger, polar bear, elephant, bumble bee and leopard. Then in 2019 the fires broke out in the Amazon and also in Australia, so I made a design to help ‘Save the Amazon’ and ‘Pray for Australia’, where 100% of the profits went to the charities helping these destinations.

When Covid-19 broke out and the country went into lockdown in early 2020, I was unable to continue making these pendants. This is where I started creating different collections and started working on further designs. I now have my own work bench at home where I could continue making and designing throughout the pandemic. During the pandemic, I started making another set of hand engraved and laser etched playing cards, with a luxury wooden box. Hand engraved cuts shimmer beautifully in the light, making this set of playing cards one of a kind and exceptionally high quality. This set is now for sale.

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There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that your hard work is paying off. I am grateful for being recognised by simply doing what I truly love.


I am honoured to have been nominated for the Best E-commerce Store World eCommerce Award Winter 2022/2023.

Out of 2579 applicants, I am proud to have made 13th place with 417 votes.

An e-commerce store that inspires other e-commerce owners while positively impacting the economy and the world in general.



In 2016 I entered my Masterpiece of my Apprenticeship into the Craft and Design Council Awards.
I was lucky enough to Win Two Bronze Awards in 3D Design Smallworkers and Smallworkers and Modelmakers.

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All precious metals over a certain weight that is sold in the UK must be Hallmarked to be legally sold.
Silver: 7.78g
Gold: 1g
Platinum: 0.5g
Palladium: 1g
This year due to the King’s Coronation, there is an extra special mark.

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